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The Tech Trek program at Stanford was the first AAUW-CA Tech Trek Program. It was established in 1998.

In 2008 we added a second week to the Stanford campus. The two weeks are named Camp Marie Curie and Camp Grace Hopper; Camp Marie Curie is run by Co-Directors Pat Ivester and Kea Jolicoeur,, and Camp Grace Hopper is run by Melinda Moir and Maureen Buchner,

In 1884, Leland Stanford, Jr. the only son of Leland Stanford, Sr., contracted typhoid fever while traveling with his parents and died a few weeks before his sixteenth birthday. The next day, Leland Sr. turned to his wife and said, "The children of California shall be our children." Thus was born the idea for a great university, named in honor of Leland Stanford, Jr. It opened its doors in 1891 on almost 2000 acres of land from the senior Stanford's stock farm near Palo Alto. Today, it still bears the nickname, "The Farm."

After Stanford's death in 1893, the job of establishing the University fell to his wife, Jane Lathrop Stanford. With her husband's estate in probate and money scarce, Mrs. Stanford used proceeds from the sale of much of her jewelry and a long forgotten $10,000 life insurance policy on her husband to help the University get by. When the estate was finally released from probate, Mrs. Stanford turned $11 million over to the University.

Today, Stanford University is a world class institution with a long list of award winners among its faculty, including 18 Nobel laureates currently on campus, and a former U.S. President among its graduates.

What's New?

Camp Hopper at Stanford was one of two featured in the recent CBS Evening News coverage of Tech Trek. View the clip on the home page, or play CBS commentator Charles Osgood's extract here:

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Contact Pat Ivester or Kea Jolicoeur, Camp Co-Directors for Camp Marie Curie, at, or Melinda Moir and Maureen Buchner, Camp Co-Directors for Camp Grace Hopper, at (Please include TT or Tech Trek in the subject line, and indicate your city in the text.)